About H.P.C.W.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

homeland Park Community Watch

Want to know the best crime prevention ever invented?

A Good Neighbor!

In fact, neighbors working together in cooperation with law enforcement can make one of the best crime-fighting teams around.

We Call it....
Community Watch

What Is A Community Watch?

Homeland Park Community Watch began in Homeland Park November 2014 , and has been a proven deterrent to the areas crime problem.  It is a group of concerned, responsible, law abiding citizens working together to provide greater peace of mind and freedom from criminal activity.  It is NOT a vigilante group.  It is the eyes and ears of the community.  Friends and neighbors volunteer their time and talent to perform community watch patrols and other duties to insure early detection and reporting of suspicious activity.  The goals of such a program are improved safety, security, and crime prevention, through timely reporting of suspicious activity to local law enforcement.  Poor security practices should be reported to local residents.  

How Does One Participate?

Support and participation is needed by everyone if the program is to survive and be successful.  However, participation is limited to adult members.  You can participate by contacting an admin via email using our "Contact" page and by performing watch assignments as scheduled and/or support functions when requested.  In addition, you can become more security conscious.  Know what to look for, take security precautions, and always be alert to suspicious activities in your area.

Does The Police Department Support Community Watch Programs?

Yes.  The police not only support community watch programs, they highly encourage them.  They also provide advice and guidance toward establishment and operation of the watch program.  They furnish crime statistics, training materials (to make residents more aware of security precautions), and investigate suspicious activity when requested.  An organized watch activity allows the police to provide better community service.  

Is Participation Dangerous?

Absolutely not. Members NEVER attempt to investigate a suspicious activity or apprehend a suspect.  If something appears suspicious, the member simply takes a position to observe from a distance and requests police assistance.

Does Community Watch Guarantee Safety and Security?

No, a guarantee is too much to expect.  However, experience has proven that criminal activities have been substantially reduced in areas where the community watch program has been established.  Success of the watch program is measured by the absences of criminal activity.